Save Money by building your own furniture ~ DIY built-in Homework Station~

Before we bought this house, we came up with a must-have list. Then we went out hunting for a house with all the things on our list. I highly recommend making such a list if you are in the market for a new house. Your list will change depending on whether this is your first, second or nth house, but it's so helpful to make sure you get what you really want.

Our house had almost everything on our list! But it was missing something I considered really important. I have always wanted a built-in homework center. A place where our children could do homework and use the family computer, that's in an open area for all to use.

My husband and I planned to put in a built-in desk in our bonus room, which we currently use as a playroom. Why are we even worrying about a homework station when our children are so little?

Well, we weren't but we always keep an eye out for sales. And it just so happened we found exactly what we needed, in the right color, and on sale this weekend! So, we got busy and built this desk for our children.

So how much did it cost? We paid $214! The built-in matches all the rest of our woodwork and we're excited to finally have it done. We didn't need it yet, but decided to jump on it while all the parts were on sale. Waiting would have cost us a lot more (the wood itself was on sale by $170), and having someone else build it would have cost even more.


Anonymous said...

I like it.

Jessica-MomForHim said...

It looks great! Good job! Can you PLEASE come to our house and help us out--we need SERIOUS help in the redecorating and DIY area!!

Anonymous said...

Where did you look for the parts? Big Box hardware store? or office supply store? I need exactly this. Thank you, it looks great!

Angela said...

We actually go the parts at office max. We bought 2 small desks and spliced them together. :)

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