Royal Caribbean Party Pack ~ Part 1

My House Party Royal Caribbean Party Pack arrived today! Take a look at the contents.....

Can't see what's in the picture? A quick rundown: An apron (huh?), 6 small napkins, 8 balloons, a broken tropical necklace, a small banner, a promo dvd and a few coupons.

Okay, I've gotta say that I am seriously disappointed. I have invited 15 families to this party and they all RSVP'd YES. To be honest, this doesn't look like that great of a party.

They hosted a web conference today to discuss the party and mentioned that there would be a second party pack arriving in the next few days. From the conference, it doesn't seem to be very promising!

I signed up for the Caribbean cruise party for two reasons. #1 The advertisement went something like this: Would you like to ripcord through the about dropping from a waterfall... Ummm...Yes and Yes! #2 We just got back from a Caribbean cruise and have lots to say and share about it. It's something I'm sure most of my friends would like to try.

So what are we going to do? Hope for a better second party pack and host the best party we can! I'll post the pictures after the party.

Here's hoping for the SoyJoy party! We love SoyJoy and I'd love to have a yoga/healthy eating party with my friends.


Rose said...

not feeling so bad about not getting picked now.

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