Reusing Egg Cartons

Here's a fun new use for egg cartons. We cut them into 2x2 squares and use them as paint trays. They stack easily this way and can be thrown out after each painting use. No clean up and less waste!

Additionally, egg cartons make great seed starters. You can easily rip each section apart once your plants are ready to move outside. And you can plant them directly in the soil. The carton eventually breaks down and softens so the plant roots can grow right through it.

You could also use them for counting and sorting games. My children love to use them to hold their numerous collections. I eventually reclaim them when they start to get ratty and shred them up for our compost pile. They make a great "brown" addition to your compost. And if you shred them up, they compost quickly.


Jolene said...

Good thinking! :)

Lydia said...

Love your ideas! I especially like the paint palette. Creative and resourceful!

Staci said...

I want to post this info and your picture on my blog. I will be linking it back to you and gave you the credit. Hope that is ok. Staci

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