Results of my Shopping Spree

This is what I bought the first day we went to the mall. All of this jewelry was on sale for up to 90% off at New York & Company. I love that store. If I were shopping by myself, I would have spent considerably more time at this store.

I bought 4 pair of earrings, 3 necklaces, and sunglasses for $22.44. Total price before the sale was $127.44. A savings of $105. But more importantly, I bought what I wanted and didn't care about the price. Yes, I hovered around all the clearance racks. But seriously, was I going to be dumb about it? I love to buy jewelry and if I'm going to do it, I might as well try to get the most bang for my buck, right? I only wish I could have found some cute new outfits. I went to the fitting room many times, but nothing was quite right. I did scan the full-price items as well and nothing really stood out for me.

On my second shopping trip, I found a few shirts and a scarf. Nothing to write home about...but as good as it was going to get on that trip. There were actually quite a few places where I could have spent considerable time trying on clothes and hunting for great deals, but alas these were the places where tantrums occurred and we had to leave. My kids were unable to tolerate shopping this time. We were only gone for 2 hours, and a majority of that time was spent at the water falls (grrrr....), but it was still too much for them.

I spent $40 on this trip. The retail price was $97, so I didn't do as great on this shopping trip, but oh well. I desperately wanted to find some new skirts and shoes, but I guess that will have to wait until I can go shopping alone. So...the final question remains....did I outspend my husband?

I spent $62.44 on my 2 day shopping extravaganza. My husband went to Vegas with $1000.....and he returned with.........$800. Say What??? He said he paid his hotel bill and all of his meals in cash (the $1000 cash he brought with him) and he borrowed a friend $200. If his story is true (never mind the fact that we agreed not to borrow money to people....let alone gambling people), then he spent $0. I know for a fact his plane tickets cost more than $62, but on pure day-to-day spending, it looks likes I was the winner! Thank goodness!


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