Quick Garden Update

I've been meaning to post a garden update. I took these pictures a few days ago, so things have grown a little since then.

Here's a quick look. First up, the herbs.


The herbs are so great. I haven't used them in cooking yet, but just smelling them is wonderful. I love to smell the basil, thyme, and oregano because they remind me of pizza. :)

Then the peppers:
Say what? Where did the peppers come from? Our local garden store had a sale a few weeks ago and I got 4 pepper plants for a whopping 53cents. I've got 2 little peppers growing so far. When these peppers go on sale, they are usually 50cents each, so if I get one, then I would have saved money. LOL

If I remember correctly, peppers are on the organic dirty dozen list for high pesticide usage, so I'll be happy to have a few organic peppers.

Now the tomatoes, peas and squash:
Cherry Tomatoes

Our beans are just starting to form. I'll post about them and the zucchini soon.


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