Please tell me you did NOT buy a tube top!!

8Sorry, it's true. I did indeed buy a tube top! What is a 30-something mom of 2 doing buying a tube top?? Ordinarily, the thought of tube top would send me to the ground roaring in laughter, but today I saw one on the clearance rack and decided to try it on.

To ease any concern...I am not applying to be on the price is right, and I'm not going to wear it in public...well, not really. I bought it as a pool cover-up. :) Even though it's a tube top, it's just long enough to be a tube top dress. It's the sort of dress that would show your undies, but big deal if it shows my swimsuit just a little.

My husband called today to see if I was going to run while the kids went to vbs. When I told him I was shopping, I could tell he was distressed. He thinks I'm out spending a raise we haven't gotten yet. Really, I'm just trying to find a few more clothes that actually fit and taking advantage of the few hours I had all to myself. Tomorrow, I'll be running. Then my days of freedom are over and I'll be back to my regular exercise program.

The above picture shows the things I bought during me free time. My clothing pictures always turn out so horrible, but I was happy to finally find a skirt! Gotta love the selection of xs on the clearance racks!


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