Out of Sight...Out of Tummy

We have worked so hard to limit the amount of processed food we eat, but we love cookies and treats as much as the next person. I try not to buy many "treats" in the first place, but when I do, I put them inside this cookie jar. It's so much easier to resist candy and snacks when they are out of sight. It's not as effective for chocolate. All chocolate is vigilantly hunted down wherever it's hiding.
This is what I prefer to have sitting out in plain sight. It's amazing how kids flock to our fruit "boat". Our kids are allowed to have anything from the fruit boat at anytime. And when friends come over, kids constantly ask to have something from it. Food that is out of sight is easily forgotten (unless it's chocolate) but food that is in plain sight is tempting. I feel better being tempted by fruits and veggies.


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