No running today....I did something else

Yesterday, both my husband and my sister called to see if I went running. Umm...I only run every other day, no more than 16 miles a week. I assured them I would run today, but then I got to thinking. I can run anytime, with my kids present.

What would I do if I was all alone. Besides the obvious things like shopping or absolutely nothing, there are a bunch of things I'd like to do. Like rollerblade for miles! Or swim! I haven't swam (really swam) in almost 6 years.

So, it was settled. I would go swimming. I put my suit on under my clothes this morning and my children asked if we were going swimming when we got home. I told them I was going by myself while they were at vbs. Their response: "no fair, you can't do any fun things while we're gone". Okay.

So, it's a brisk 63* outside and I head straight for the pool. What kind of person goes swimming on a 63* day? The kind of person that wants to swim alone. I grabbed my son's thomas the train goggles and I jumped in the pool. No turning back when you're already wet. :)

I started swimming with so many things on my mind. The pregnant lady I saw running on the way home (really pregnant...oh why was I such a lazy pregnoid?), the floor that needed mopping, the news about my husband's current job being eliminated...oh the worries. But after a few minutes, and a lot less oxygen than my body wanted, I forgot about everything.

I was focused. I swam laps for about 30 minutes before I was greeted by a 9 year old neighbor. He asked where my kids were and when I answered, he said "why would you go swimming alone?" Then he jumped in and said "race ya!". So we raced. And I totally kicked his butt!

He said it was because he didn't have any goggles, so he borrowed mine ( son's). His 5 year old sister showed up a few minutes later and I helped her swim for awhile. She asked where my kids were, and then "why would go swimming alone?" I don't think kids quite get it.

10 minutes later, their mom showed up and asked where the kids were. Her response, a knowing smile and nod. She knew why I would swim alone. :)

So a few more races with the 9 year old, and then I took off to get my kids. I had fun on my own. Swimming was harder than I remembered it, but it reinforced to me the need to master it. Once my kids are both in school, it's on! Maybe I'll even be ready for the triathlon?


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