My sister's daycare ~ An Update

Many people commented on my sister's daycare. It was a tough choice for her to put her children in a less than optimal childcare position, but luckily it's no longer a choice she has to make.

I had hoped that the choice would eventually be made for her, and it has. She is now "on-call" for work and most likely won't be needing daycare anymore. Hurray!

Some asked why I didn't step-up and help her out. Logistically, it would have never worked out. She lives a little over an hour from me, and her work is about an hour in the other direction. So...that wouldn't make sense for either of us.

Her husband's workload has picked up and she now has a new appreciation for being home. I'm sure her kids are enjoying being at home and having their mom with them during the day. Things eventually work out....


Jessica-MomForHim said...

That is the best news I've heard so far today!! I'm so glad for their family.

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