My New Workout Clothes

For the last year, I've been working out in baggy sweatpants and old t-shirts. I workout in my basement, so big deal, right? Well....eventually my baggy sweatpants became so big on me that there was no way to keep them up when walking...let alone running.

This has become a problem with most of my clothes, but I have a hard time spending money, so what's a girl to do? In my case, I got lucky that target had all of their exercise clothes marked 75% off. That's my favorite price! As with all clearance sales, only the xxl and xs sizes were left. Not a problem anymore! So I picked up two new running outfits.

Not only do they stay on me. Wahoo! But they are so much less hot than sweatpants. I definitely do not miss the extra sweating. And now that I have two, I can be sure one is clean so there are no excuses not to run.

My son took this picture of me right before my run today. Just a reminder....I'm not running to be thin. I realize this picture makes me look a little...well, thin. At least you know I wasn't kidding when I said I had zero % fat in my chest. I ran all that off months ago.


Anonymous said...

cute outfit. you do look thin. Wish I was that thin.

Angela said...

I'm sure you look great! Being thin has it's benefits (mostly that you can buy on the clearance rack and actually find your size), but you can be healthy and happy without being thin. :) Try to focus on being healthy and you may end up thinner as a result (whether you want to or not).

amy mayer said...

I liked the homemade bread "article"! (comment by

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