My Clutter

I can't stand clutter. It majorly stresses me out. I've posted about my son's clutter and my general lack of it...but here is an example of my clutter.

I receive a lot of free magazines in the mail..a lot..maybe about 20 per month. I love to read magazines, and I like collecting recipes from them. I just haven't figured out a good system for organizing the recipes. Right now, I throw them in this drawer. I dig through them when I want to try something new, and then put it back in the drawer if it's a keeper, recycle it if not.

When I'm finished with the magazines, I pass them onto neighbors or friends. Or I leave them on the airplane for someone else to read. If I can't find them a new home, I let my kids cut pictures out of them and then I recycle them.


Jessica-MomForHim said...

If you have a Half-Price Books near you, they will pay you cash for current magazines from this month or next month. Hey, might as well make a little money off those subscriptions, right?

Sabrina said...

I use a binder with the clear page protectors inside. I slip the recipes I love inside and I have an entire book of things I just love. I do the same for craft projects I want to keep.

Anonymous said...

I accumulate alot of magazines from alot of places, (Dr. offices for one), and when the piles get too large, I load them up in a bag and take them to, well you guessed it, Dr. offices! I take some to my dentist, leave them on the tables in the lobby when my kids have appointments, etc. It's kind of my way of giving back.

I'm sure I'm going to burn (in hades) for this, but if I give them back I'm only really borrowing, right?

Angela said...

Kind of sounds like stealing. But no worries, go to the top of this blog and click on categories then choose free magazines.

I get no less than 20 free magazines a month. They cost me nothing, no stealing involved.

Tons of good reading materials. No guilt. Check them out. :)

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