Mission Accomplished ~ The floor can be touched

No...this is not a zoomed in picture of a tarantula. It's a picture of me touching the floor, taken by my 4 year old, so it's a tad fuzzy. I'm not a flexible person, and with all of the neurological issues I've been dealing with, my muscles are tighter than ever. I started a stretching routine, sort of a modified yoga routine (okay....a lazy person's yoga routine) and my one goal was to be able to touch the floor with straight legs.

When I started I could only touch between my knees and toes. Sad, I know. After a few weeks I could get to my ankles, then toes, and now..... Success! I have reached the floor. Now that I'm so bendy and can do hand stands...I think some flipping goals need to be added to my bucket list! Trapeze, here I come! By the way... I'm kidding....maybe.


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