Mail Trouble

Okay, so we've had mail delivery issues ever since we moved 2 years ago. My suspicion is that our mailman is nearing retirement and well, he makes a lot of mistakes. I get mail for other people, lots of different families. Every once in a while strangers will ring my doorbell and say "um...I got your mail in my box..". It's one of the main reasons I don't do many mail-in-rebates. I've lost a lot of money this way. I keep track of my rebates, so I know the loss is hovering around $200. I keep records and when I've followed up with the rebate companies, they've produced cashed checks with random signatures. Great.

Okay, back on track. So, I've complained to the post office. Multiple times. I've wrote letters, I've made phone calls, and my husband has made phone calls. All right, just for the record, you NEVER want to be on the other end of an angry call from my husband. I know most husbands can get loud or aggressive, but this is different. There is a reason my husband is "the closer" in his business. He is called in to save accounts that have already long ago decided they want nothing to do with his company. But after talking to him...well there is no arguing with him. Or there is at least no winning against him. Ask him how many arguments he's lost... This doesn't work out well in a marriage where you'd occasionally like to win, but when you need someone to fight, say the post office, he's someone you want on your team. Okay, so the post office has a monopoly, there is no other way for me to get regular mail, so they really didn't care, but said they'd talk to the mail carrier.

Oh no...all I wanted was an angry postman... So the first time I complained and he was talked to, he showed up at my door a week later and asked me face-to-face, "any more problems with your mail?". During that week, things were better. Translation: I did not get anyone else's mail, did I get all my mail, who knows?. A few weeks go by and we start getting random mail again. It turns out our neighbors are all getting random mail. So the complaints begin again. Again, the post office does nothing, but look what I got in the mail a few weeks later.

I decided to just let it go. I would forever get the wrong mail and not receive half of the mail I'm supposed to, but such is my lot in life. The guy is obviously close to retirement and the post office had no plans to help us out, so that's just how it's going to be. In the meantime, I would not fill out any mail-in-rebates unless it was for a product I was going to buy anyway or was already free. That was a huge stress relief in and of itself. I really don't want an angry postal worker out for revenge...but then again, maybe he'll get my address wrong anyway and we'll be fine after all. Probably not, he waves to me on a regular basis. Oh the joys of being home.


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