Look what happens when you FORGET your coupons!

Today I over scheduled our activities. By the time we got to the store, I realized right away that I had forgot my coupons! Our cupboards were bare, my children were tired, and there was no time in the schedule for driving back home, so.... I went in the store and shopped without coupons!

And here is the result (click on picture to enlarge):

I was fortunate that one coupon was stuck to the bottom of my shopping bag...a coupon for a FREE Digiorno flatbread melt. Wahoo! My husband will appreciate it! Note to self, stop losing free coupons....

What ended up breaking the budget? There were a couple of spendy things in this mix: 2 large packs of string cheese, fresh pine nuts ($15/lb!), 3 lbs of cherries, 3 packs of nitrate/nitrite free lunch meat, 2 boxes of Morningstar farms mushroom burgers, and my favorite...a very large container of hummus. All pretty spendy, but super worth it, even without coupons!

But what about the bag of unhealthy fluff in the back of the picture? Were they free? I hate them! How did they get in the cart? Well...today we were all a little too tired to tolerate shopping. So...when my son grabbed these orbs of synthetic puffiness, I made a bribe deal with them that they could go in the cart but if one fight or complaint happened, I would give them to the cashier to take back.

The bottom line:

Grocery shopping without coupons $90.98
Bribing your kids with synthetic puff balls $2
Peaceful shopping with no regrets....Priceless

To see how I usually save on groceries, click here.

While you're here, feel free to check out my giveaways! I give away things often! :) This week I'm giving away a free pack of Wallies Chalkboard Panels.


dddiva said...

Hahaha I believe in bribery too. Looks pretty good all in all to me. Guess I should peruse the rest of your site to see how to whop my bill even more.

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