Knowing when to STOP running!

I run just over 4 miles three times a week. I don't really enjoy running, so I come up with all kinds of excused to quit. My legs hurt, my legs are numb, I can't breathe....all reasonable excuses, right? Wrong, just excuses. So I make myself run at least 35 minutes every time. If I'm having a super tough day, sometimes I'll stop and walk it out if there's a legitimate reason for not running.

Well, today we had a lot of things on our to-do list and I wanted to run early so I wouldn't get behind on everything else. So I jumped on the treadmill right after breakfast. Now, I know better than this....ever since the pizza vomiting experience, I've learned to wait at least an hour and a half after eating before I run. But today, I disobeyed the rules and started running.

I knew immediately that things were going to be bad, but no excuses, right? Well after about 22 minutes I knew if I didn't get off I would be cleaning up vomit in the tread, and....well, that's one experience I'd rather not have. But it had only been 22 minutes. Come on!! Maybe I could walk it out....nope. I was way too far gone. I had get off and walk myself to the garbage can. Then wait until it was safe to move. I was so angry!

My husband wonders why I have to make it at least 4 miles or why I have to make it at least 35 minutes. And it's not just because I'm a control freak. It's because I really don't like running....but I feel like it's the one thing that really does help me. And it's a little less boring if I have a goal. I have to make it past 4 miles. I have to make it 35 minutes. I'm trying to break 4.25 miles. That obviously didn't happen today, but eventually.....


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