An Inexpensive and Easy way to display your children's artwork

My kids make a lot of crafts. They would love to display them all...all over the house. I came up with this quick and easy way to display their favorite their rooms. You could also put one of these up in a playroom.

All you need is some wire. I've used craft wire, floral wire, and even fish line. Thread a few small clothes clips or other small clamps onto the wire. Wrap the ends of the wire around little nails (or can even use thumbtacks). Nail into the wall and start hanging your art.

This is my daughter's art display. She uses hers to hang her homework and crafts, but also to save any cat pictures she finds in my magazines. :) Do you recognize the whisker picture?

**Tip** You can embellish the ends (and hide the nails) by sticking something small like these nylon butterflies over the nails.


Rose said...

good idea

Shelle said...

I love this - I remember seeing it years ago in Real Simple mag. I must do it again, the kids love seeing their stuff on display.

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