I ran alone!

My children had VBS this morning. Since they both attended, I had 2 hours all to myself. Wahoo! I had been thinking about what to do with that time. Should I go shopping? Should I run errands.... Well, I decided to run. I brought my shoes and I ran.

And to tell you the truth, it was fun! Say what? Well, the running part was sweaty and hot and painful, the usual. But being by myself (without any distractions) was fun. It felt so wrong, most likely the way it feels to steal something (yes...I know that's wrong!).

So I ran and ran and ran. Wasn't I embarrassed to be seen all sweaty and hot? Oh yeah...but it was worth it. Who knows, maybe I inspired another mom to use her free time to exercise. Or maybe I inspired someone to go out as their real self...without make up or accessories. Plus, after I run is the only time I look sorta tan...well red, but I'll take it. :)


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