I have entered the danger zone....

I have been so hungry lately, so I suspected I had fallen below the magic 110 pounds. I followed my instincts and ate when I was hungry and cut back on running. Today I hopped on the Wii Fit for a little stretching, and confirmed my suspicions.

Even after an all night hummus fest and a big breakfast this morning, I weighed in at 108 pounds. For the first time, the Wii Fit actually forced me to put in a weight gain goal.

So...what now? I'm going to take a break from running this week. Huh? I can't afford to lose the calories, plus this week is intensely over scheduled and has been pretty stressful. So will I just laze around? Nope, I'm going to work on a more formal yoga/pilates routine (this is part of my fix my own neck plan) and work in some strength training.

And I'll eat when I'm hungry...which just so happens to be all the time. Remember all my produce from last week....it was gone in 3 days! That sort of gluttony is embarrassing for me but my body is obviously trying to tell me something!


Erykah said...

i dont think other people appreciate that struggling with being under weight is a big problem too. b/c so many ppl try to lose weight after having a baby, i lost too much. i wish ppl knew that weight gain and weight loss is about achieving a healthy balance and feeling healthy.it is the same battle as trying to lose it. i dont care if a size 1 looks fashionable. it sure doesnt feel good.and is a danger to your heart amongst a host of other things.

Angela said...

I agree! It's so easy to swing both ways. I really want to stay active (and healthy) but I don't want to be underweight. Such a delicate balance.

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