I can Cure you for 6 Easy Payments of $180

I went to the chiropractor yesterday, and he still didn't give me an exercise plan for my "straight neck".

According to him, I will need 48 treatments and then...I'll be cured! But wait....he'll give me a discount if I commit to all those appointments today. I can either pay $1080 today or pay $180 in 6 easy payments. And if sign up within the next few minutes....okay I'm kidding about that part.

Something about this just doesn't sit well with me. And it's not just because I'm cheap. Since our last appointment, I have been researching all that he's told me and found the exercise plan for myself.

And I've started it already. Plus, I've decided to up my yoga and pilates exploration. I'm going to focus on improving my posture and balance, strengthening the muscles that support my spine, and exercising my neck back into proper position. I think I can do most of this on my own. Our bodies do amazingly well at healing themselves, especially with help.

Maybe I'll visit a chiropractor in the future...you never know, but I will NOT commit to 48 treatments!

The bottom line...I feel the same after 2 chiropractic treatments (my arms went dead just a few hours ago), I'm more motivated to focus on core stretching and strength, and I'm out $60. That last one is pretty annoying....


Michelle said...

Hey Angela,

I stumbled upon this post because I did a Google search for 'static EMG'. Your blog post was the very first listing, and I really enjoyed all your thoughts and experiences with visiting a chiropractor.

My husband and I own a chiropractic office (he's a chiropractic and I had never been to a chiropractor since before I met him). I'm glad you stuck with your gut on not falling for the "you need to come in for x number of treatments, and if you prepay now we'll give you a sweet deal" routine. It makes me sad that so many chiropractors do this and make the rest of us look bad.

My whole take on chiropractic (and this might be different than my husband's) is that you should seek one out if you're experiencing chronic pain and you want to try something other than drugs or surgery. Or sometimes we have people come in who have limited mobility of their limbs or extremities (hands and feet). That's pretty common too. And both these groups see really good results at our office if they stick with our treatment plan (avg # visits = 8-12). I would be very leary of anyone recommending over 24 visits, especially if you do not have a chronic condition like Fibromyalgia.

If you feel great and aren't restricted movement wise, you should be fine on your own.

Those are my thoughts (coming from someone who manages a chiropractic office).

Glad you are bettering yourself and pursuing a healthier life!


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