I almost signed up for a Mini-Triathlon

My next door neighbor asked me if I'd like to do a mini-triathlon with him (also known as a sprint). Hmm....he did say "mini". He described it to me; 5K run, 13.75 mile bike, and .46 mile swim. At first glance, I thought I could do this. I said I'd like to and I'd get back to him.

On further thought, I remembered that his neighbor rides no less than 100 miles each day. He competes in races across America..... Maybe I'd better find a partner more on my level. So I called one of my sisters and asked her to join me in a mini-triathlon. She was hesitant. Obviously a smarter person than myself.

She hummed and hawed about it for awhile and I told her I'd get all the details ready and I'd give her a call. She let me go on my mission, while I hunted down all available mini-tri's for this year. There were tons of them.

As I looked through the race photos, it suddenly hit me. There would be swimming! .46 miles of swimming. In a lake or river.... There could be no putting your feet down when you got tired. There would be no ledge to hang on to. And I think the swimming comes last. Really? Does that sound like a good idea?

I am not a good swimmer. I failed swimming lessons in 4th grade and my parents ended all lessons from then on. I just never progressed passed that level. Combine that with an exceptionally low upper body strength (though I've made strides in this area) and a huge fear of water.....and we have a problem.

But I was going to do it anyway. I would train to be a better swimmer. But...oh yeah...I have two preschoolers with me at all times. And then there would be the running and bike training. It's a bucket list worthy goal, and I've added it as a maybe. I had to return to my neighbor and tell him I would be willing to do the mini-tri but not until my kids were both in school so I could train for the swimming part. He didn't seem to understand but his wife nodded in agreement.


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