How to Reduce the Salt in Canned Vegetables

We buy canned vegetables often, especially beans. They are so convenient and often a super good deal. But...what about all the sodium? I shop around to find the veggies with the least preservatives and additives, but sodium happens to be pretty high in all brands.

Here's a quick and easy way to cut the sodium in your canned veggies. Open the can and drain the liquid. Then add some water to the can, return the lid, and shake it a bit. Drain the rinse water and cook as usual. I've read that this cuts the sodium by about 30%. That seems worth the few seconds it takes to rinse.

I personally do this with all our canned vegetables. I've noticed they taste less salty, but still taste good. :) For canned fruits....look for the ones packed in lite syrup. It's usually pear juice, but beware of artificial sweeteners in lite varieties.


Emelie said...

i like to buy the fruit packed in fruit juice instea of syrup and then add the juice to smoothies or freeze for later. Then I rinse the fuit before giving it to my kids.

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