How much sugar is in there???

I've been more diligent about reading labels lately, and one of the things I look for is the amount of sugar the product contains. Here's a quick and easy example. Cereal goes on sale often, and to make our grocery budget go farther, I like to buy the ones that are on sale and that have matching coupons. A lot of times these sales include both "healthy" cereals and sugary cereals.

Take a look at these two product labels. You should be able to click on the picture to view it larger. To find out the amount of sugar inside, take a look somewhere near the bottom of the list. For Cheerios, you will see that the amount of sugar is 1g per serving. For Trix, the amount of sugar is 12g. My pictures are a little fuzzy (still working out the kinks in my new camera), but you can see that(check the very top of the box label) the serving size is 28grams for Cheerios and 32 grams for Trix.

Now it's time for a little math. To determine the percentage of sugar in each cereal, we take the number of grams of sugar divided by the grams in each serving. For Cheerios, that works out to be 1/28 or 3.6% sugar. For Trix, it's 12/32 or 37.5% sugar. That's alot of sugar!! For the record, the highest one in my pantry is Apple Jacks at 42.9% sugar.

Now, you probably expected that when comparing Trix to Cheerios, but go in your pantry and check out some of the cereals you think are "healthy" or "high fiber". Sometimes they are just as "sugary" as the sugar cereals. Take a quick look before you pop one of those cereals in your cart as well. You can do some quick math and get a general idea.

**For more fun** Check out the amount of sugar in jellies and jams. They contain fruit, so they're healthy, right? I have to tell you that I LOVE smuckers reduced sugar (No splenda added!!) and Welch's reduced sugar (again, I repeat, no artificial sweeteners added) jellies. They taste so much more like real fruit and have half the sugar! FYI--I was NOT paid to say that, I really mean it.


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