How I made $774.28 in less than 2 hours!

Our insurance bill arrived today and I quickly checked it against our prior year premiums. As expected, the insurance company increased our rates by almost $400.

They do it every time our policy comes up for renewal. I imagine most people just pay it and move on, but I have consistently fought them for the last 9 years and won. I've been able to keep our rates constant for all those years. Thank goodness!

Well, today the insurance company would have none of my pleas to eliminate the increase. So I spent 2 hours on the phone with other insurance companies and ended up getting better coverage for $774.28 less per year than our current policy.

Now, instantly this should make you think we were paying too much in insurance premiums. Yes, but I call around to other insurance companies every year on my birthday and have never hit on such a decrease! Usually they come up right in line with our old rates. Why on my birthday? I keep thinking there must be some advantage to growing older....maybe lower insurance rates? No such luck, but today I hit the jackpot.

Now, 2 hours on the phone is asking a lot of a mom with 2 preschoolers, but for $335/hour pre-tax, I think I can manage it every once in a while. LOL

Oh yeah, and we didn't lower our coverages or increase our deductibles. And we didn't go with some hole-in-the wall internet company. We are now insured by a very reputable company that just happened to offer us much better rates.

The moral of this story...You never know when rates will be lower. Get insurance quotes at least once a year until you find a better deal. It may end up saving you hundreds of dollars. Just 4 months ago we ended up lowering our mortgage rate by 2%. We had been checking rates every few months and then wallah, a jumbo mortgage in the low 4%s. Timing is everything and sometimes you just get lucky!


Jessica-MomForHim said...

Wow, that's great! So you don't have insurance through work? Ours is thru work so once a year we have to look at the price increases and decide whether it is worth it to pay more to stay with our current doctors. When I was pregnant with #4 there was a decent increase, but I pleaded with Ted not to change in the middle of a pregnancy, and we kept it one more year. This year we switched to the cheaper one which has meant changing doctors, hospitals, etc. Not fun for me.

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