Horseback riding in the ocean

Have you ever been horseback riding in the ocean? If not, it's a definite bucket list addition. It's so amazing. Why? Because horses don't just "walk" in the ocean. They RUN. They run, full out, with their bodies submersed in water. Talk about power! It's so amazing. It's like riding on a jet ski that you can't control. They are that fast!

If you have a chance, this is something to experience and worth the money. We rode these horses on the Grand Turk island. I'm the guy on the left... just kidding. So, you might be scared of horses. Or the water, but you can do it and you'll be happy you did. I am very afraid of horses and so unbelievably afraid of water, but I loved it. Ever since I've been dealing with you know what, I've decided to just go for it and try to enjoy some of the things I would have never done before. For the record...scuba diving is still OFF the bucket list.

Funny story and a little bit on topic. I've been horse back riding one other time and it was a scary experience. The horse decided to take off and jump me over a river and go wherever he pleased. So I was a bit worried about riding a horse again. So we get to the horse ranch and all the horses come running out to the waiting area. Some are walking nice, some are running, and one is jumping and running around all crazy. And making all kinds of wild noises. The guy next to us says "I want that wild one". I'm thinking...I want anyone but that wild one.

So the guides are fitting the horses with saddles and sizing up the people to pick the right person with the right horse. The wild horse is picked first and the guy who wanted him starts to walk up. He's super excited. But the guide says, "step back, this one is for you" and he points to me. I check to be sure he's really picking me. Oh man. Well, here we go. So I mount the wild horse and the guide tells me his name is "Jiggy". Great. Well, thank goodness I notarized my will before I left. We eventually start on our walk and my horse is PERFECT! So obedient, so careful around the other horses. Meanwhile, my husband's horse is causing all kinds of trouble. He's biting other horses and getting too close to their rear ends, resulting in many kicks to the face. So my ride was enjoyable and I was so grateful to the obedience of my wild horse. So the just never know.

And don't be afraid to ride a horse in the ocean. It's wonderful! And worth the expense!


scottsgal said...

We rode horses in the ocean in Jamaica and like you said the power these animals have is amazing - I definitely gained a new respect for these beautiful creatures. Hope you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I would feel bad for them that they are going through all that work. Running sucks!

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