Harvesting Petunia Seeds

This summer we found out just how easy it was to harvest seeds from Marigolds. But it didn't turn out quite the same with petunias. The seeds were not in the dead heads. They were in a separate seed "pod" that was growing just below the flowers. They star out green and are "ripe" when they turn brown and split like this. Inside, there are hundreds of little seeds about the size of the period at the end of this sentence. No wonder petunias are so inexpensive.

For all seeds, we need to let them sit out for at least a week to dry before we pack them away for the winter. My daughter is the most excited about this. She loves everything about flowers. She has enjoyed gathering the seeds and tending the flowers this year.

We've even been inspired to save our spinach seeds for next year too. The garden has provided so many wonderful learning and growing opportunities. And it's given us so many great reasons to get outside.


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