Growing perennials in indoor containers ~ An experiment

I'm tired of throwing out flowers each season. Annuals are beautiful, so beautiful, but I was wondering if perennials could be just as beautiful and long lasting.

Here is our experiment: I bought this lilly (a perennial) on sale at Lowes a few weeks ago for $3.98. At that time it had lovely pink flowers on the top.

I potted it in a container filled with potting soil, and put it in our sunniest room.

The original flowers fell off, but I'm hoping it will bloom again before the summer is over. I know this plant will eventually go dormant, and I plan to move it to the garage (or basement) at that time. Then in the spring, I'll put it back in the sun to see if it will bloom and thrive. If so, then we can have beautiful spring flowers without having to run out and get annuals each year. If it works out, I'll keep you updated.

This flower pot is in our dining room. I always like to have flowers in this spot. In a later post, I'll show you all the beautiful table settings we use in our dining room. All of them were made for under $5. I change them out with the seasons. The lilly in the picture will hopefully become the spring and summer centerpiece.


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