Girls Shoes 75% Clearance Sale at Target

Our Target has little girl shoes at 75% off. There was a large section at 75% and an even bigger section at 50% off. I got these 4 pairs of shoes and one 7 pack of socks for $16.64. Original total was $66.56. A savings of $49.92.

I love to shop target's clearance sections for my kids clothes (for current and future sizes). My daughter was in need of new socks and tennis shoes. The sandals are for the Easter dress I bought at a garage sale a few weeks ago, and I promised her I'd buy sparkly shoes if they ever went on sale. :) The other tennis shoes are the next size up.

Just an FYI: Our Target had a huge section of toys on clearance for 30% off. In my experience, Target marks down every few weeks (ours usually does it on Thursday mornings). We buy a lot of toys on clearance to save for birthday and Christmas gifts.


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