Freezing Green Onions

When your garden produces too many veggies at once, freezing your excess is a great way to save them for later. Something that freezes super well (without any extra work) is green onions.

You just chop them up, throw them in a ziploc bag, and freeze them. I recently read a blog where the person saved them in an empty water bottle and then shook out the amount she needed for each recipe. I never have quite that many, but if anyone with a large garden and extra onions wants to freeze some for me I'd appreciate it. Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? What can I say, I grew up in the 90s. Anyway...she knows who she is.


Anonymous said...

i have tons of onions now if you want any. White, table, and yellow winter. I think the tops are ok to eat too (the green parts). The peas are in now however those are strictly for the kids and jake. They've been eating the pods before the peas inside are bigf enough. At least they eat veggies. Soon the beans will be ready and tomatoes are sure to follow. I will let you know.

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