Freezing Bread

Bread can be a big expense for a growing family. We prefer the whole-grain breads from brands that have no high fructose corn syrup and limited preservatives. But these breads can cost $3-$4 per loaf.

We try our best to save what we can on groceries, and occasionally those same $4 breads will go on sale for $1-$1.50 per loaf. When that happens, I want to stockpile enough to make it to the next sale. But....bread spoils.

Then I found out you can freeze bread. can freeze bread. The trick is to defrost it in you refrigerator for a few hours before you take it out and let it sit in the pantry. When you do it this way, the bread doesn't get soggy and retains it usual texture.

This has been such a huge money and time saver for our family. I keep a few loaves in the freezer, so I never have to run to the store just for a loaf of bread.


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