Feeding Kids Separate Meals?

In our house, we do not make our children separate meals from what we are having. It's easier that way, but more importantly it exposes our children to a variety of foods. And doesn't give them an opportunity to be "picky". Our children have had the opportunity to taste almost every fruit and vegetable available to us. They regularly eat salmon and choose fruit as a snack most of the time. They like hummus and avocado, and have even had the chance to sample sushi. But, we have our struggles just like every other family.

Here are our lunch plates from today. I had a ham sandwich with hummus, red peppers, cucumbers, spinach, and tomato. I also had a salad with essentially the same toppings. My children did not have a salad this time but they do have them on occasion. In fact, my daughter was angry that she didn't have a salad on her plate. She has limited tummy room, and so I gave her only as much as she can reasonably hold. They also had cheese on their sandwiches. I do not only because of my need to limit saturated fat.

My kids have been exposed to so many great foods. And they've also been able to sample all of the not-so-great ones. They've tasted it all and it's my hope that they will come to choose the healthier ones when the choice is theirs.

I add spinach and flax to a lot of our foods, and if they are missing, my kids notice. And they ask for them. In fact, I was so excited one day when they shunned macaroni and cheese. We went 4-5 months without making macaroni and cheese, but while I was digging in the pantry I found a stray box. I decided to make it for lunch and my kids mostly picked at it. They ate some but didn't finish their plates (this is a rarity for my kids since they are plate finishers....they really eat a lot). And nobody would eat the leftovers. My husband swept in to save the day and finished off the leftovers. Way to take one for the team!


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