Exercising when you have small children at home

When can a mom with 2 small children fit exercise into her day? Well, that's a tough one. For a long time, I would walk on the treadmill in the evening. A lot of times this meant I couldn't start exercising until after 9pm. My children get up by 6am each day, so if I don't even finish working out until 10pm or later, then I had a major problem. Plus, by 9pm I was already tired, and full of excuses why I couldn't exercise. When the excuses start that late, there's no way to fit in any exercise.

So I realized that I would have to workout during the day. My kids don't take naps, so that presented another problem. I would have to run with them present. Have you ever tried to run, I mean really run, while your toddlers fight each other? What about when they come running downstairs with no clothes on yelling something about poop and the floor? It's not easy, but I digress.

Exercising with your children present can be done, and sometimes it works out quite well. Our equipment is in the basement, so I keep toys downstairs that we don't normally play with. Sometimes this keeps my kids occupied the entire time. Sometimes I let them watch a movie or work on homework. There are almost always interruptions to some degree, but as they are getting older they are more responsible while I exercise. And I think it's a good thing for them to see me make time (without complaining) to exercise. They see that it's part of a healthy lifestyle and a lot of time they mimic what I'm doing or do exercises right along with me (if I'm doing videos or weights).

You can workout at home, with your children present. If they are really young, you may need to exercise during their naps or after bedtime. Or if you are one of the lucky ones whose husband would be willing to watch them while you workout, then you're set. And for the record, I am jealous. But remember that as they get older, it will be possible for you to workout with out a babysitter, naptime, or gym membership. Just hang in there.


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