Decorating a Little Girl's Room for $22

I decorated my daughter's room for $22. Here's the breakdown... I found her headboard and frame at a garage sale for $10. The blanket chest was mine as a little girl. I found her large and small dressers for free on craigslist. The lamp I got at a garage sale for $1. All were quality pieces, but none of this set matched. So...I bought a gallon of white paint and a quart of pink (plus some primer we had in the garage) and painted the set to match. After coupons and taxes, the paint cost me $11. Don't be afraid to mix and match pieces, a little paint goes a long way.

The butterflies on her wall were free after coupons. They are Wallies. The sheets for her bed were free with a $10 off JCPenney Coupon, and her bedding was a Christmas gift from her Grammie. The fabric piece on the blanket chest was a drapery valance left in my sister's home by the previous owners, aka free.

Okay, but certainly the mattress must of cost me something....or did I get a used mattress for free???!!!?? Actually, when we first moved in, my daughter was still in a toddler bed and my son was in a twin bed. We had a mattress protector with a warranty on the twin bed. Well, the mattress protector failed. I sent it back to the manufacturer and they tested it and confirmed the failure. They scheduled a new mattress to arrive, free of charge. The other mattress was brand new (except for one minor accident, which I obviously cleaned up), so should we just scrap it and keep the new mattress. No way! We kept using the other mattress and the new one became my daughter's. Seriously, the mattress barely got wet. When I called on the warranty I expected them to just send me a new protector. I got a new protector and a new mattress.

So...there you have it. A whole room for just $22 (plus a little sweat equity). That's a frugal bedroom. :)


Lydia said...

I'm VERY impressed. Your daughter has a very cute little room. I totally agree that a little paint can go a long way. It's amazing how matchy it can make furniture look.

The Glamorous WAHM said...

WOW! That is amazing. You need a separate blog for frugal decorating! Please, please, please give us more!

p.s. I'm stopping in from Mom Bloggers Club =)

Angela said...

I have some posts waiting to be put up about frugal decorating, so I appreciate your comment. I did lose most of my decorating pics in the computer meltdown, but I'll take a few more.

A fun decorating giveaway will be coming up shortly as well. So stay tuned...

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