Bobcat Sighting!

My neighbor just reported seeing a bobcat in our forest! I've personally seen owls, hawks, eagles, foxes, raccoons, coyotes, turtles, deer, woodpeckers, turkeys, frogs, snakes, muskrats, squirrels, and chipmunks (grrr..). My sister even had bears in her backyard just last week! The paw picture is from my sister's house last year...when a mother bear and her cub came visiting. The suburbs really do offer an opportunity to see a whole slew of wildlife. I told you it could get wild!

I personally love being this close to nature. You couldn't imagine how many times I've get to see an entire lifecyle for many plants and animals. My children have constantly been able to see the food chain in action. The forest is amazing and we have so much to learn from it. I am in awe of it's endless bounty and beauty.

I understand that we are so close to the animals because we've encroached on their land with our urban sprawl (or is it suburban sprawl?), but aside from my garden, I really do try to respect all the creatures we encounter and share our yard and forest with them. And I feel privileged that my children have been able to grow up so close to them.


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