Autumn Blaze Maple

We moved into our new house almost 2 years ago. When we bought the house our yard was just a pile of dirt, so we were able to select all of our landscaping. I desperately wanted an Autumn Blaze Maple tree in our front yard. It was more expensive, but I wanted it and my husband said I could have it. I selected the Autumn Blaze on purpose. It grows well in clay and turns a beautiful blazing red in the fall. Red is my favorite color and I hate when plants die! It was important to me to have a tree that could make it in our hard clay.

Well, our landscaping was almost finished and the trees arrived. My husband called me to tell me that the nursery was all out of Autumn Blaze maples but they were substituting a Fall Fiesta (orange leaves) instead. They weren't going to have any more Autumn Blaze and the tree had to be planted that day or we couldn't continue on with the rest of the landscaping that had to be finished before fall. I was mad! But I let it go...I would love the Fall Fiesta and take care of it.

And I did. I wrapped that tree both winters to protect it from cold and rodents. I pruned it. I watered it. I loved it like I loved all my plants. This spring I went on my usual "bud check" and was concerned about the Fall Fiesta. It didn't have as many buds as I had hoped. I nursed it as best I could but one side of the tree ended up dying. The other half was alive and well, but half a tree just doesn't cut it. I was sad. I wanted that tree to survive.

I have to take a step back and let you know that soon after we moved in, I was reading through our neighborhood covenants and came across a note that said the homebuilder must provide each homeowner with one free tree for their front yard. I had called the sales agent and she told me we didn't get one because our agent left (after having a baby) and since she wasn't our agent she wouldn't give us a tree. I let it go...really where would be put an extra tree anyway?

But the letter resurfaced just as our tree was dying. Actually a neighbor handed it to me and said, "you should call about getting a new tree". Hmm... I prayed about being able to get a free tree. I just couldn't imagine paying $800 to replace the old one. There was a new agent and so I called her up. Her response, "you definitely get a tree, I'll send you the list". Guess what tree was listed under deciduous trees....Autumn Blaze Maple. It was the one and only option. Within a few days, our dying fall fiesta was removed and our beautiful new Autumn Blaze was planted in it's place.

I never wanted the Fall Fiesta to die. In fact, I thought about transplanting it, but it was so sick and it was too hot by the time the exchange happened. I'm super excited to watch our Autumn Blaze turn red this fall.


Emelie said...

I love your optimism and love of nature! I just makes my heart smile, and my face of course!

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Another cool answer to prayer! God works in mysterious just had to be patient and you got your tree! So cool to hear how He works things out. :-)

Anne Green said...

Our landscaper was suppose to plant a particular kind of Clump tree, instead he cheaped out and gave us a lilac tree... well their are several of them on our street. They are slow growing and pretty but NOT what we had in mind. So we are going to risk digging it up and moving it to the side yard where it will hopefully survive and provide our dining room window with something pretty to see. In the front we are going tithe the Autumn Blaze Maple. Hope it looks as great as I think it will!

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