A's Everywhere!!

My daughter is learning to write her name. She has been working hard on it, mastering one letter at a time. Her name begins with A, so that's the letter she makes the best. But recently, I've been finding A's EVERYWHERE!

I found A's on the wall, on the table, on the windows, on her clothes, and on her brother! She has claimed responsibility for all cases except for the window. But A's don't just write themselves, and I only know one person that continuously makes A's. She's #1 on my suspect list.

On a lighter note, I am grateful that she is so willing to work on her letters. She loves "homework" and would do it all day if possible. I have to drag her brother into homework, so I appreciate the lack of resistance. I just want her to keep it on her papers....


Jessica-MomForHim said...

Oh my goodness! Good job on the A's, A, and good job to mom for not TOTALLY freaking out like I would have if I found them on the wall or clothes!

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