Answered Prayers ~ A Job update

I truly believe that all prayers are answered. I've had a lot of prayers answered in my lifetime, and quite a few recently. I pray often, but probably not how you think. Some of my prayers aren't really prayers at all, but just longings and thoughts. Things I've thrown out there and let God know I'm open to an answer.

Sometimes the answers I get are quiet and subtle. And sometimes the answers have been loud and "in your face". Some have even been scary. I've been grateful for every answer and I'm glad He's listening. :)

I felt like finding the wild grapes and black raspberries was such a blessing, and an answer to unspoken prayer. When I saw them I cried. My soul really wanted them. They were not here the year before. Trust me, from spring until fall, I spend every day in the forest. I even travel through it in the winter...longingly. I am a berry fanatic and I hunt for them. If grapes or berries had been there in the last 2 years I would have seen them. Actually, grapes were there and I accidentally killed them (oh the shame), but they resprouted from the vine I destroyed. Phew...

I have recently been hunting for wild blueberries and would consider myself so blessed to find them (just throwing it out there...)

The following string of events was an amazing turn of events that I still can't believe. My husband travels a lot and it's wearing him out. We started talking about maybe looking for a new job. And we said our number one requirement was that he travel less. Now, there are some serious benefits to having a husband that travels, but as you can guess there are a lot more negatives.

Our kids are getting older (and we are getting older) and from a lifestyle perspective, it made sense that eventually he would need to stop traveling . Well, lo and behold, a job pops up within his company (but in a different division) that is based in our home state. And just our home state. Right now, my husband covers 18 states (and he does not cover our state!) and his traveling requirements are huge. He decides to apply for it.

Weeks go by and we don't hear anything. He calls and emails the hiring manager, to no avail. Finally we find out that the HR dept had a computer issue and his application never made it through. By this time, they had already offered the job to somebody else. Too bad, so sad.

Well, everything about the job seemed so right (not just the was everything he wanted to move up to) How could it have all gone so wrong? Maybe there were other plans in sight...but either way we prayed about it. I prayed that somehow the person offered the job wouldn't take it. That my husband would at least have a chance to interview for it, then if he earned it, he could go for it.

A few days later, my husband called to see if the job had been accepted. It hadn't. The person declined the offer. Wow! So he get set up for an interview and blew the manager away. During the interview, we found out that two of his top clients are our next door neighbors. Good friends of ours that we have regular dinner parties and playdates with. So he spends time with them and learns more about the job. He brings this information to the second interview and wows him again.

A final interview is set. We discuss it and comment on how difficult the decision will be to decide between these two jobs. I forgot to mention that my husband currently has an amazing manager that he loves working for and he's highly regarded in his current position. It's hard to walk away from that stability and esteem. But his current division is also very stingy and doesn't usually counteroffer if you were to take a different job. We were talking and saying, what happens if they counter back and offer the same pay increase?'ll never happen. Well, we prayed about it. I prayed that they would show him how much he actually meant to the division and offer him a counter. I didn't ask a dollar amount, just a counter to show that he was valuable. You know how men are about accolades.

Well, he called me the next day to tell me the news. His vice president called to see how the interview process was going. My husband said "it's going to be a hard decision". And the VP said, "I'm about to make it even harder". Wait for it.....wait for it.....we have been talking (by we, I mean the head honchos) and what would happen if we based your position entirely out of your home state, out of your office really, and you could do most of your job by telephone with maybe 1 or 2 flights a month...oh and we'd match whatever salary they offer you. What in the world??? Wow, this was going to be a tough choice!

So, I've been praying for clarity. How blessed are we to be in a situation, especially in this economy, where my husband gets to choose between two high paying, high profile careers. And both of them will have limited travel (compared to what we're used to).

I want us to make the right choice. In some ways it seems as though we can't lose, but there has to be a path that we're supposed to take. How can we know for sure? Well, today, my husband's manager (the really amazing one, see above) called to say he was leaving the company, effective Friday...the day of my husband's final interview. This changes a lot of things. That's a plus in the new job category for sure.

One thing my husband really struggled with was giving up the travel. Huh? There are a lot of benefits to traveling so much...namely airline and hotel points. He is a platinum elite flyer and hotel stayer. Imagine having airline miles in the millions, yes...I said millions. So he doesn't want to give up that status. It's something you need to earn every year to keep. He was really struggling with this, and then...Delta announced it was giving it's platinum elite members a 15,000 elite mile bonus to say Thank you during their merger. Wouldn't you know that is exactly the amount he needed to secure his platinum status through the next year if he were to stop traveling.

Are we getting the message yet? Well, his final interview is today. Hopefully, we will know the path to choose by early next week. I'll keep you posted....


Jessica-MomForHim said...

Whoa, amazing to see how God works!!!!

Lydia said...

Amen to what Jessica said! Our God DOES really care about every little detail, and I love seeing you delight in that.

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