Not long ago, a neighbor called to invite my son out to play. He wasn't able to go because he needed to finish cleaning up the playroom. My neighbor was disgusted and said something to the effect of "if you are going to require so much work from them, you should be paying them." I was annoyed. My children do little chores around the house so they feel like they are contributing to the family, and they clean up their own toys and rooms because they made the mess and it's the right thing to do. I don't think we should be paying them to be a contributing member of the family. But eventually, kids do need to learn about money and the value of earning money.

So, we started an allowance system for our two little kids. We sat down and decided which chores they should be expected to do on a regular basis that would effect their allowance. I have gradually given my children more and more jobs, but a lot of them are just regular family duties. Gardening help and cleaning up your own laundry area are a few of the things that are just expected. Most of the chores on the list are things they actually enjoy doing (minus the cleaning their room category) and it's been fun for them to get noticed for their actions.

For each of the tasks they perform, they receive a star in that category box. For each star, they will get a nickel. If they get an X in the "didn't put my dishes away" box, they lose a nickel. They may do each chore more than 2 times per week, but can only earn money for the amount of boxes on their charts. My son's line is on top and my daughters is on bottom. She isn't tall enough to go get the mail or the newspaper, so she doesn't have responsibility or earning power for those items. She's a year and half younger, so it would make sense for to earn a little less money and have a little less work.

They get paid each Sunday after breakfast. My husband wants them to then set aside some money to take with to church and put the rest in their savings or spending banks.

In all, my son has the potential to earn 60 cents and my daughter 30 cents. That doesn't sound like much, but really they don't have a need for money at this age, and they like collecting coins. They love to go to the dollar store because they can afford anything in the store, so they get excited to count the money out of their banks, select the item they want, and then pay for it all by themselves. So far, it seems to be a pretty good thing. And it will help us iron out any kinks for when they are older.


Mom of eight said...

Good job! Keep working with your kids and you will find they behave better and appreciate what you do--and have fun with their mom!
check out this link:
I also like "The Power of Positive Parenting" by Glen Latham

Shelle said...

I totally agree with you about children having chores to contribute to the family. Not only that, they develope the life skills they need and no longer learn elsewhere. We don't pay allowance for chores, but the children are given opportunities to do various task for payment. There's always something that needs to be done around the house.

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