We saw the robins build this nest under our deck. Interestingly enough, the birds were obsessed with a few pieces of plastic under our deck and kept adding them even though the wind would promptly remove them. They just had to have the matching pieces of plastic. Hee-Hee. We were excited to see they had laid eggs. But not long after, the birds abandoned their babies. We took great care not to drop anything into the nest or add our scent in anyway, but they still left. I think it's because there is a gutter right there that the birds hadn't planned for. During any rain, the next gets flooded and we haven't figured out a way to divert it. So sad.

We are planning to put on gloves and move the nest to a birdhouse we placed in the forest 2 years ago. Our kids check it every year to see if anyone has moved in and nobody does. So maybe with a nest inside, birds will be encouraged to move in. Maybe not, but I hope the birds remember not to build a nest in the same place next year. Do you think the eggs will be come rotten and stinky?


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