You don't have to be perfect

My in-laws took my children to have their photos taken while we were on vacation. Before arriving there was some discussion about "smiling perfectly". When they got to the studio, my daughter absolutely broke down. She was so worried that she couldn't be perfect that she didn't know how to handle it.

I almost started crying when they told me this story. She's only three and she's so concerned about perfection. She tries so hard, and it makes me so sad to know that she was worried about being perfect (most likely to please me). So I sat down with her and talked about the incident.

I told her that she never had to worry about being perfect, with anything. That I would always be proud of her as long as she tried her best. Later, I had the same talk with my son as he was heading to his karate lesson. He did so much better at his lesson and even got a new stripe on his belt for showing a good attitude.

I wish I had conveyed this to them sooner. I always tell them that I will love them, even when they make mistakes or fail, but I guess it just didn't give them the same feeling. I will always set high expectations for them, but I definitely do not expect perfection. Hopefully, they understand that now too.


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