Why I run

I've mentioned before that I don't really like running. So why do I do it? There are 2 main reasons. First, it significantly reduces the inflammation in my body which has helped me control my mystery illness.

Second, I want to actively increase my bone density. I am a very small-framed person and have taken my fair share of prednisone (asthma as a child, poison ivy and mystery illness as an adult...boy I sound like a basket case). By eating right and performing load bearing exercise (in my case, running and strength training), I'm doing my best to grow my bone density as much as possible.

Walgreens hosted a free screening event last summer and my bone scan t-score was -0.8, so almost -1.o which indicates osteopenia. This combined with my need to decrease inflammation has really motivated me to get moving. I'm in my thirties, so I know that there isn't much bone growing to be had, but at the next screening, I'm hoping to see at least a little bone growth.


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