We have Berries!

Our Strawberries, Blueberries, and Raspberries are all forming berries right now.

These are Quinalt Strawberries. I planted them last year and this is their first year making berries. I also have some "mystery" strawberries that I transplanted from my sister's garden this spring. They look like they may make a few berries this year, but we'll have to wait and see. They are "mystery" because she can't remember what type they are. LOL. They made tasty berries at her house, so they are fine by me.

These are Heritage Red Raspberries. I also planted FallGold, Bristol Black Raspberries, and Purple Royalty but they are struggling to grow. I'm hoping they will all strengthen over the summer and make tons of berries next season.

These are Northsky blueberries. Our Northland blueberry bush also has berries. The Northblue just barely made it through the winter so no berries this year.

One of these days, I truly hope to have so many berries that I have to give them away. Until then, we're still trying to get things going. It was harder than I expected to get berries to make it in our clay soil, but we put in a lot of work up front and that hard work is starting to pay off.


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