Swinging in the Jungle

Like Tarzan a monkey, I took a swing on a large grape vine in the forest today. My son asked me if we could swing on one of the vines, and like the good bad mom that I am, I said, "sure". So, I tested the vine to see if it could hold me, then I went for it. For about 3 seconds I was in monkey swinging bliss. Then I hit the tree (pictured next to the vine) with my left shoulder. Ouch. But I didn't cry. I just handed the vine off to my son and said, "your turn". He bravely swung out into the air and ended up hitting the tree as well. I really am a bad mom, but it was worth a try, right?

I've been on the lookout for grape vines ever since I saw one in our own backyard, and what I've found has been exciting. I've found hundreds of wild grape vines and hundreds of wild raspberries. I don't know why I've never noticed them before. I'm guessing that the animals get to all the fruit before I have had a chance to see them, but in any event I'm excited that they are there. I've found lots of hanging vines too. Do you think my kids would be up for another jungle swinging adventure? Probably not, or at least not until they are wild, crazy teenagers.


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