Today, we won the battle against the chipmunk.
We placed rocks all around the strawberry netting to block any entrance to the berries. My children were such a great help in gathering and placing the rocks. I am just so happy that it worked.

And we got to eat our first berries (ever from our strawberries, last year the deer mowed them all down). When we left last night, there were 2 berries that were just about ready. But today when we went to pick them. Surprise! There were 3 ripe berries. That meant I actually got to have one of our berries.

Interestingly enough, my daughter ate hers first (the new rock/netting system made it slow work for me to get berries too) and then asked if I would split mine with her. Such is the life of a mom. The berries were sweet and tasty. And exactly what I needed after such a week of blah.


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