Side Effects of Exercise

If you've known me for awhile, you will know that I'm not a big exerciser. I also love to eat. In August 2008, I started having a lot of disturbing neurological symptoms. After seeing many doctors, I decided the best plan for me was to try and decrease the amount of inflammation in my body.

How can you decrease your body's inflammatory response? Decrease stress, Exercise more (A LOT more), decrease your saturated fat intake and increase your fruits and vegetable intake.

I did all of the above. I started out walking 3 days a week and limiting saturated fat. Now I eat mostly fruits and vegetables, some low-fat dairy, fish, whole grains, and some poultry. I still eat A LOT, but not a lot of processed food or meats. And now I run 3 times a week and do strength training twice a week. It has been a slow progression but now it's become my lifestyle.

We bought a Wii Fit in October and so I've had a legitimate tracking tool for the last few months. Here are the results:

At my first doctor's appointment in August I was 130 pounds. To be honest, 130 is heavier than my frame is used to, but I was content with my size. I have been consistently 113 lbs since April. That's 1 pound less than what I weighed at my 12 week appointment with my first pregnancy. It only took me 5 years. LOL

I truly didn't think that my body would change so much but the symptoms I experience are pretty motivating. I don't really enjoy running but I LOVE it compared to losing all feeling in my arms or legs. I am so grateful that I've found something that keeps my symptoms under control, and what a nice benefit. I've finally been able to fit into clothes my sister gave me years ago. It's so fun to have a new wardrobe.


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