Show us the Cow ~ Vote for Mark

Check out Chik-fil-A's new photo competition and vote for your favorite cow. Select "Vote" and search for Mark in Raleigh, NC. My sister spent a lot of time painting her 1 year old for this and he was a great sport.

So, please Vote for Mark!


The Oldest Sister said...

super cute

Bethany said...

Your sister's son is so adorable in that costume!! I happened to find your blog when searching "show me the cow". I know that costume and the paint had to take a long time to do. We're also on the top 20 page for the contest and I think Mark's is one of the CUTEST pictures on there. :) I wish you the best of luck in the contest. (p.s. My picture is titled "My Three Chick Fil A Fans"). I know your picture will do well! From one Chick-fil-A fan to another!


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