Saving Money is Making Money

I often feel bad about not contributing financially to our family. I stay at home with our two young children and do not have an income-earning job or hobby (unless of course I make a few bucks from this blog).

I've come to realize that our biggest cost of raising our children as been the opportunity cost of my lost income. But my being home must have some financial benefit, right?

I've decided to start tracking my weekly spending and saving to see if my habits as a frugal mom are helping (or maybe hurting) our family's bottom line.

Saving money is making money, right? In most cases, I believe that it is. Buying something you don't need or will never use just because it's 90% off is not saving money. But buying gifts for family and friends at a sharp discount, or saving money on groceries is making money.

Keeping track of our spending is easy. Keeping track of savings isn't quite so straight forward. So, I will be keeping track of my grocery savings by comparing the price I pay at each visit to what the items are regularly priced at. Luckily, our grocery stores already do the math for me at the bottom of every receipt. Bonus!

I will also be counting the difference on clearance items I buy as gifts or things we normally use in our household as savings. I have a feeling the savings I get on a lot of my clothing will be a big contributor to my spending, but we'll see. I'll also be including any giftcards I win through swagbucks or mypoints and survey income as earnings.


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