Proud of my children

I was so proud of both of my kids this week. They spent a week away from us and Grammie said they were so well behaved. On our first day there, my son showed his Grammie that he could read. She picked out random pages and he read the words. I was so proud of him.

My daughter was enjoying talking and playing with her aunt and her grandparents. She is truly a "mama's girl" so it was nice to see what a social butterfly she really can be. And she talked everyone's ears off. LOL

Today my son earned his White belt in Karate. Now I realize that the white belt is only the first belt and it's not hard to earn it, but for him it's a true accomplishment. He didn't want to go to Karate (well, after the first lesson that is). He's a shy, reserved, serious type (He gets it from someone, but I'm not sure whom...) and karate was just so loud and out-there. But we decided it was in his best interest to go. To get out of his comfort zone. To accomplish something that was difficult for him and to thrive in an uncomfortable situation. Today he didn't want to go to karate. He said his stomach hurt. But he went, he participated in class, and he performed all of his moves in front of the class and he earned his white belt.

This week my daughter made great strides in growing up. It was noticeable when we picked her up. She had grown, but she was also so confident. She learned how to put on her own shoes. I have a suspicion she could do this all along but she likes to have me do things for her. But this week, she did it herself and she's still doing it herself. I'm proud of her. She's also writing the first 2 letters of her name. She loves to do homework and she's trying hard to add her name to the top, a few letters at a time.

My babies are growing up. I realized just how much I missed them while we were on vacation and I am so proud of their accomplishments


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