OMG...... I ate white bread!

We had a great time on our vacation, mostly because we were able to spend time just hanging out together...a rarity for us since my husband travels so much and we have two young children. But I have to be honest, I was not impressed with the food options.

I enjoyed our dinners in the formal dining area, but most of the meal options on the boat were buffets. And the buffets were loaded with unhealthy, standard-american-diet foods. There were hamburgers, potato salads, hotdogs, fried chicken, cakes, pastries, and all sorts of other greasy or fried foods.

I try to limit saturated fat. It was extremely difficult to do on our vacation. I was really limited to a few whole fruits (apples, bananas, oranges, pears), occasional cut-up melon chunks (this was usually empty in the buffet line), basic salad ingredients, salsa, plain yogurt, and water. Now, I am incredibly thankful for those items being available, but after awhile....well, a girl gets hungry.

I found my non-meat protein options to be extremely limited. I did find chickpeas and kidney beans on the salad bar one day and ate those, but I eventually had to branch out and eat items I wouldn't normally eat.

At our first formal dinner, I ate this entire rack of bbq ribs. I didn't eat the fries shown underneath, but I ate every single one of the ribs. Thank goodness it was just me and my husband for dinner that night, this was definitely not something you want to do "in public".

On the second night....I ate an entire cornish game hen. Now this is embarrassing for me to admit because I honestly don't eat very much meat, but I was ravenous for something substantial. I was living on mostly oranges and bananas during the day.

Sometime before the end of the cruise, I let down my guard and started to eat more of the foods available. I think it all started when I dipped my lobster in butter (another meat!!). I don't eat butter very often. Or cheese. And both butter and cheese were main ingredients in most of the food options. The day after the lobster dinner, I went to the buffet and tried to find the healthiest option. No I did it. I chose the tuna fish sandwich on white bread. White bread! Did I just order a sandwich knowing full-well that it was on white bread? Yep, and I tried not to think about the mayo or butter or whatever else was in the sandwich. And I ate it. It was good and I decided I had to let it go and just try to enjoy the trip.

From there, frozen yogurt, egg rolls, chocolate melting cake, a few other foofy cakes, a hamburger (more meat!), some super greasy "roasted" vegetables, bacon, greasy omlettes, and a few other unmemorable foods that I don't normally eat made their way into my life.

In some ways, it felt to good to let go of my constant struggle of what's okay to eat, but in most ways it was bad. I felt sluggish. I felt dizzy....I felt numbness in my arm and foot...I got headaches, and I knew that I had made a terrible mistake.


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