My Sister's Garden

I'm jealous of my sister's garden. It's huge! And all of her plants seem to get so much bigger than mine. She is also very generous with her produce. Check out the spinach she sent home with me. We picked all of her plants about halfway.

Since I have some spinach in the fridge already, I decided to freeze this for lasagna. I quickly blanched the spinach in boiling water for 2 minutes, then put it right into an ice bath for 2 minutes, then strained out the water and put it in ziploc bags. This is how much it cooked down. I love the smell of cooked spinach. It was so hard to resist eating it all.

She told me she has 27 tomato plants. FYI--her family doesn't eat tomatoes. She planted them so she could share them. Gotta love it.

The best part...after my husband saw how much spinach I brought home he mentioned that we might be able to extend my garden another 4 feet next year. Wahoo!


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