My sister's daycare ~ A nightmare story

Okay, so I'm going to tell you about my sister's daycare provider. First of all, she's not licensed and she watches my sister's 3 children, 3 or 4 of her own, and 3 or 4 other random children. She also has transient people coming and going throughout the day. My sister refers to it as "the zoo". Not a great place for kids. sister knows this, but feels trapped financially. It's easy to judge, but everyone has to make their own choices.

So one day my sister calls me and says she's worried about the zoo. Specifically, there are some mentally handicapped adults that hang out at the zoo and she's worried they might take her 2 year old daughter somewhere to be alone. You get the drift. Of course this freaks me out, and she's really worried. it happens she had reason to worry, but thankfully not for the reason she was concerned.

That morning her daughter had climbed a dresser and fallen off. Her arm was broken. Surely, she had to have cried. But the whole day passed and the daycare lady never noticed. When my sister picked her up she noticed that her daughter was pale and not well. She asked her what happened and the 2 year old just said "I fell off the dresser". She went right to the ER and had her arm set. Her arm and to be reset multiple times, pins put in, pins taken out, soft casts, and hard casts put on, and then she was okay. But how did the daycare provider not notice that something was wrong.

She stopped using the daycare for awhile but her other providers kept quitting. So she sent the kids back to the zoo. I searched for new daycares for her but all were out of her budget...all of them cost more than she was making per hour. So stay home, right? Easy to say...but when you are super far in debt and your husband isn't making enough money...I guess you do what you have to, right? I don't know...

Well, the other day she and her husband were at work. The children were at the zoo. Her husband went to the store to grab supplies for work and whom did he see? The daycare lady...sans children!! She had left them all in the care of a 10 year old she watches. Say what???!?!!

Whenever I tell people this story, they always say, that lady needs to lose her license. Well, she's not licensed. And I'm sure she doesn't report the income to the IRS either. I haven't even discussed the conditions at the zoo, but I'm sure you can pretty much guess.

So, my sister's work keeps cutting her hours. Maybe they'll eliminate her job. This causes a lot of stress for her, but seriously it might be for the best. When fate makes the decision for her, it will probably be better for all involved....

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Jessica-MomForHim said...

OH MY GOODNESS....As a former daycare teacher, this just makes me MAD. It's people like this that give daycares and home providers a bad name. I may be wrong, but she sounds like she is too stressed to really care about kids, so WHY is she doing this? I guess it all comes back to the money, which is just so sad for all the kids.

I'm sorry your sister feels trapped at the zoo. I REALLY hope she finds something else, for the safety of her kids. I'm not judging her, just worried for the kids. A broken arm one day, left alone another, and when does it stop before someone says something? When a kid wanders off and drowns? When someone is hit by a car? When a car full of kids catches fire while she is in the store and two of them die? These things have happened and made big news, and THEN the provider is held responsible, but at what cost? The cost of a precious little one's life. It needs to stop BEFORE something terrible happens.

Jessica-MomForHim said...

I'm sure your sister has thought of this, but can she work from home? How much is she really making per hour after paying for childcare for 3? There are lots of legitimate work at home opportunites--I know Money Saving Mom has higlighted some, as well as Deal Seeking Mom. I hope she can find something that works for their family and is safer for their kids.

Emelie said...

Oh! That makes me want to cry! I'm sure your sister wants to as well! Does she not live nearby to you? You sound like the best kind of mother but if she's not nearby where you could help her out I can understand why she'd feel trapped. Still, I'm with you...quit and stay home with the kids. Before something really bad comes out. With faith in God things will work out.

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